We Turn Customers
Into Your Brand Ambassadors

Your new Customer Service Team will not only solve problems, they will also build strong relationships with your customers. 

 Be part of the 100 business growth diagnoses that we will do at 0 USD. 

What is Customer Support Team?

Max Enterprise Customer Service Teams are highly trained in effective communication, problem-solving, and customer experience.

They are prepared to execute the strategy designed with the Business Growth Specialist to understand and address the needs that our partners’ customers want to solve. This translates to a higher customer loyalty and increased profits.

What Can Customer Support Team Do For Your?


-Live Phone & Chat Support 24/7
-Complaints & Claims Management
-Customer Retention & Loyalty
-Customer Onboarding
-CRM & Email Management


-Technical Assistance
-Data Collection & Analysis
-Quality Control
-Services & Products Activation

Administrative Management

-Order Processing
-Appointment Scheduling
-CRM Management
-Email Management

Team experts

Membership plans

Quick Start

A team of 5 experts will execute a marketing strategy that will increase your sales through your brand’s strong digital presence.

Plan Focused on:

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Your Business Team brings together 9 specialists who will multiply your business’s sales and retain your customers by designing and executing a custom business growth and digital marketing strategy.

Plan Focused on:


Technology and 11 top-level professionals at your company’s service to make your business goals a reality by increasing your profits, customer loyalty, strong digital presence of your brand, and cost savings through process automation.

Plan Focused on:

Customized Team

Goals You Need

Plan Focused on:

If you are looking for a Team MAX
in a specific area, the customized
team is your solution.
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