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Accurate Information

The first step towards success is efficient data collection. Start capturing every detail you need with your new Intake Team. 

Max Enterprise - Intake

What is Intake Team?

Intake teams are essential for any company that wants to provide high-quality service. They collect the essential information you need from your customers at the beginning of the interaction. This data allows you to build personalized strategies focused on effectively solving their problems.

Intake teams are also essential for ensuring that relationships are managed effectively, and that information is recorded accurately. This contributes to efficient and effective management of subsequent requests from your customers.

What Can Intake Team
Do For Your?

Our team of professionals is trained to enhance your business productivity by performing the following actions: 

Information Gathering

Accurately and comprehensively records the initial information provided by your customers.

Identify Needs ​

Determines the needs, issues, or concerns of your users.


Evaluates the urgency and importance of requests to assign the appropriate priority.

Classify and Route

Classify the collected information and route it to the appropriate department.

Data Verification

Ensures that the provided information is accurate and up to

Privacy Policies

Adheres to relevant policies and regulations to ensure compliance with data privacy and security standards

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A team of 5 experts will execute a marketing strategy that will increase your sales through your brand's strong digital presence.

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Your Business Team brings together 9 specialists who will multiply your business's sales and retain your customers by designing and executing a custom business growth and digital marketing strategy.

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Technology and 11 top-level professionals at your company's service to make your business goals a reality by increasing your profits, customer loyalty, strong digital presence of your brand, and cost savings through process automation.

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Customized Team

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Team you need.

If you are looking for a Team MAX in a specific
area, the customized team is your solution.

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